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Problems with cdrdao!

did you run into this stupid error?
ERROR: your.toc:#: START 00:01:01 behind or at track end.
cdrdao no longer figures out how long wav files are, so it complains the songs being too short.

you can circumvent the problem by appending all the lengths to the FILE statement, but that's neither nice nor safe (cdrdao might cut something off).

i looked all over the net: a lot of people had the problem, and none had a solution. so i started putting debug outputs into the source code trying to find the offending code. i also read through the differences between 1.2.2 and earlier versions. found several promising changes, but they weren't causing the bug.

it looks like it is either caused by libao or by the port to libao. I tried to recompile cdrdao with an older libao, but that didn't help. I finally solved the problem by reverting to cdrdao 1.1.9 which is really old but doesn't use libao, so it works.

i know this is a yawny recommendation, but i'd have needed it yesterday, so now i put it onto the web with a lame page like this one, until the cdrdao distribution works again as it should...

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